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Report system skript help


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Hey i've been trying to skript a report issue system different from others like /report [<text>] without adding a [<player>] so when people report not only players but also for server issues and when they subbmit the report it sends it directly to a staff member tell them that %player% Has subbmitted a report for %arg-1% (either server issue or player breaking rules) and when staff looking the ticket they can solve it with /ticket reply and when they finish they can /ticket close %#ID of the ticket% anyways i had the main command which is /report and i can't continue from there and adding #ID (example first server report will be #1 ticket) and i really need help with that.

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I made this it is a part of it

#This if for making a report
command /report <text>:
    add 1 to {totalids}
    set {id::%{totalids}%} to arg-1
    send "&cThe report has been send to all online staff! Id of report %{totalids}%&c maybe remember it." to player
    loop all players:
      loop-player has permission "report.get"
      send "&c&l Report &7&l> &c%player%&c reported %arg-1%&c. Id of report %{totalids}%" to loop-player

#This is to get a report by ticket id
command /ticket <number>:
    send "%{id::%arg-1%}%"

#This is to clear ALL reports ever send in
command /clearreports:
    delete {id::*}
    set {totalids} to 0

This is not the full skript but if you need more help with the closing part i can help!

And how will you remember the ticket ids of reports to close or read them?

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