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Department [COMING SOON]


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Hey there! Yesterday I announced my newest server (Department) will be releasing on June 1st.

With that we are in need of both moderators, and testers. (You can apply here: https://discord.gg/edhdrfD)


Becoming a moderator/staff member on Department consists of 3 stages (below):

Stage 1 [The Application]: We are only looking for honest answers. We're looking for diversity, so just because you may live in a common timezone and have a great amount of time on Minecraft, does not guarantee a position. You can apply with the link above or here: https://forms.gle/ywottdVqTwGReehC8

Stage 2 [The Interview]: If accepted after the application stage, you will move onto the interview stage. The interview can be done in either text or voice. Please DM either me or @Mikeism regarding interviews. You will be asked multiple challenging questions.

Stage 3 [Trainings]: This is the last stage of your journey to becoming a moderator. If you were accepted through both stages, congratulations, you made it quite far. During the training stage all new moderators will be put into a discord group. We'll then go over how to handle certain situations. Finally, you'll be put into a 1 week long "testing" period. You'll be ranked as Jr. Mod, and after that 1 week testing period. You'll (hopefully) go onto being a moderator.


Testing works in a different way; more or less it's a google form which you can find on our discord server.


Department is heavily inspired by factory building games, such as Satisfactory or Factorio. You start off by being recruited by a major corporation called Avalon Corp. for project CS. After you land at the Space Hub, you must create your own island. From there you can visit the shop to buy mines, conveyors, smelters, etc. Efficiency is required. (eg. a Drill may produce 30 stone, however smelters may take 15 stone). There will be monthly payouts to the most efficient & richest Project CS Employee. Goodluck. (More will be announced as we near release)


SERVER IP: Department.minehut.gg

SERVER NAME: Department

RELEASE DATE: 06/01/2020

MOBILE COMPATIBLE: Yes, but not recommended.


- Nic

Skripter, Builder, Server Owner, Certified Lizard Human.


Discord: Nic_#0001 (As of 7/1/2021)

IGN: ItzNic_ (ALT: Nectoure)

Give me a moral boost and drop me a like plz ❤️

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