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Caulk_Strong's application


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1) What is your IGN?

My IGN is Caulk_Strong


2) What is your discord + tag (e.g Chilkins#0001)

That would be Kylle#0155


3) How old are you?

I'm 17,¬†I will be¬†18 in December (real adult ūüôā¬†)


4) Whats is your timezone? (e.g GMT+1)

My time zone is GMT-4


5) What makes you different from other applicants?

I can't say I have really looked at others staff apps, I took a quick peek at Simply's but that is about it.




5)  How much time have you put into the server?

I can't say for sure, but I think about 4-5 days before the Season two update started.


6) What made you wan't to apply?

I Just really enjoy playing on the server and I feel like I could help out, I see so many blatant hackers or just spam bots when I play and it is pretty annoying. I would like to fix as much of that as I can. ( I would like to say, I don't want to be an admin. I just want to help out with this extra time i'm getting off from covid)


7) Do you have any further relationships with staff members?

I'm not 100% sure about what is implied by this question but I have played with simply a few times and he is a cool dude as far as I can tell 10/10 would play with again.


Do you have any prior staff experience?

I do but not in a long time, i would like to get back into it again. It was fun and i still have some of the friends i made being staff from about 2-3 years ago.



9) Someone's reported for hacking but you aren't sure on spectating them, what do you do?

Unsure on spectating them? well I would finish up what every fight I might be in and then just spectate them to decide weather or not they are hacking. Then i would deal with them accordingly.

10) Say you catch another staff member abusing their perks, what would you do?

Ok, this one is kind of tricky, it really depends for me, if say they were like spamming keyalls I would tell them to chill out and take a picture of chat as proof and if they keep it up I would ban them and hand over the photo to someone who would be more qualified to handle staff punishments. If they were like just banning/muting people at random I would take picture of every person he/she did something like that too so we can get them sorted out after all that and then ban the staff member in question and send it up the chain again. 

11) A spam bots come onto the server, how would you deal with them?

Instant ban, Everyone hates them and they are there just to annoy people minding there own business, just trying to play a game, its ridiculous.

12) Someone's not abiding by the chat rules, how would you punish them?

I would warn the offender in chat three times then if they don't stop that is a 12 he mute.

13) People are verbally abusing you in chat, how would you deal with that?

I have thick skin as some people say so it wouldn't really bother me, I would just treat the situation as if  it were any other player on the server.

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On 5/19/2020 at 3:48 PM, Caulk_Strong said:




5)  How much time have you put into the server?

I can't say for sure, but I think about 4-5 days before the Season two update started.



This is supposed to be how much hours can you put per week/day.

Psalm 27:12


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