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A Plea For help


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Ages ago, a smol ant was living it's life in it's anthill. This ant bore the face of @Jackson85 and strived to live his life as peacefully as possible. However, this ant knew that he wanted jeans, but he could not hope to ever attain enough Jeans to fulfil his needs. This ant, which the legends referred to as Jackson85.5, found hope in his dreams when he stumbled upon Jeans of every size, color, and shape. But as Jackson85.5 was only one smol ant, he could not manage to recover any jeans. So, with this forum post, Jackson85.5 is pleading for you, yes YOU, to help him get his jeans. Every comment under this post will help him recover 1 pair of jeans.

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569676108_Screenshot2021-04-23at8_22_47PM.png.572f66a76dbfaf7604c99450b589e62e.pngKeep Scrolling, You saw nothing


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