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People keep griefing my server. (noobprohax) what should I do it never lasts 24 hours without being griefed im sick of it. what should I do? also someone hacked my console what should I do but I forgot there name WHY PEOPLE JUST WHY? why I just want a server I just want a town server why do people have to come and do it also how do I unban people without advancedban? it is a pain I hate it so what should I do

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Sorry to hear about this! 😞
If you don't want this to happen, you can whitelist your server by going to console (or in game if you are OP) and typing in "/whitelist on"

After that, you can type "/whitelist add <name>" to add someone to the whitelist. If someone is not whitelisted they will not be able to join your server!

If you want to have a public server that won't get griefed, consider installing world edit and world guard. You can find a tutorial on this by clicking here.

Please leave a like on this post if i helped! 🙂

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