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SpleefMH is a spleef server hosted on Minehut, and was made within 2 days for the Skript Challenge (Even though we have 2 weeks)



SpleefMH is the result of the Skript Challenge in which you were meant to make a scripted game in 2 weeks with a certain ruleset. This server abides to all the rulesets, and only uses Skript and SkBee as the plugins for the game itself. You have to go around and break snow blocks beneath other players to knock them off of the map and be the last person standing!

How to Join:

You can join using SpleefMH.minehut.gg or /join SpleefMH in the Minehut lobbies

💬» Discord: @Riley#9202

🐤 » Twitter: @ReportCardsMC

💻 » Project(s): Parasite

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