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Problems with uploading a zip file to my server



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Are you trying to upload a world?

If yes then try this guide below which will have you upload the zip file of the world.

Uploading Worlds

First off, make a zip containing all the files inside of the world folder. You can do this by selecting all the files and "archiving" or "zipping" all the files. Afterwards, there's 2 different methods you can take to upload the world. Please be sure you don't name your world with any spaces.

First Method (500MB limit) 1. Upload the world zip to a file upload website. We recommend you use https://file.io/ but you can also use Google Drive and MediaFire. 2. Get the direct download link to the file. If you're using a service like file.io, you can do this by simply clicking the "Copy Link" file. 3. Run the command /ul world <worldname> <direct link> in your server. (ex: '/ul world myworld https://www.file.io/%60).

Second Method (50MB limit) 1. Go to your server's panel and click the World tab on the website. 2. Under Upload World, you'll see a button called "Choose File" which you will need to click on. 3. Select the .zip file from your computer and then click on Open Once the world is uploaded, you can teleport to it using /worlds or /world.

If you want to view a video on how to watch this:


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