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Spigotboard is a simple but powerfull scoreboard plugin! You can customsize everything

  • Variables / PlaceHolders
  • 100% customize
  • Vault Support
  • Color codes
  • Commands
  • Toggle command
  • Disabled Worlds
  • Support for PlaceholderAPI

You can customize your scoreboard 100% with cool variables and colors, All the variables can be found at https://github.com/TheIndra55/SpigotBoard/wiki#variables. The scoreboard reloads every one second, If you use the {Coords} variable it updates every one second so that can be little bit buggy, Im working on a fix of that.

- /SpigotBoard > Main command, Shows help menu.
- /SpigotBoard reload > Updates the scoreboard after changing in the config. (Spigotboard.reload)
- /SpigotBoard version > Shows your version and the latest release!
- /SpigotBoard author > Shows the cool guys.

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