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What's Your Favorite MH Server?


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Miners by @Draconium. End 2015 - Early 2016 server

Edited by Gaminger

Tbh all you need to know about me is that I was once the Drama King on minehut and I was a really good warzone player. That summarizes about 50% of what I did on minehut in the past lol.

::: Change: 29th of July, 2020 :::


::: Change: 10th of August, 2020 :::

I have permantently quit minehut. For the reason behind it, check this: https://forums.minehut.com/topic/19055-gamingers-official-farewell-post-forever/?tab=comments#comment-59176

Theres also my first post on this forum after I quit minehut's server (I started to only go to the minehut forums):

I still go to discord sometimes. Gaminger#4921
And, as a final goodbye, and as I always wanted to say: SO LONG, NOOBS!


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I know that three and a half quarters of the servers are microtransaction riddled garbage made to extract as much money as possible with the least amount of entertainment given to the user but it's still quite hard to decide my favourite of that eighth of the servers.

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StarWards and another one that I'm making. Totally not biased or anything like that 👀

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33 minutes ago, DARLOWE said:

WarMC, PvPCrafter, Dis, Flags and Prisun. 

CastleRealmsPvP was also nice

Dudeee I forgot about PvPCrafter, I got super bummed when it didn't re-release. I miss it a lot, someone needs to try to recreate it (With command blocks too, it wouldn't be as good as it was if it wasn't using command blocks)

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Hello, I'm Eliza or also known as ReportCards, I create servers and make Discord bots

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I would say MineEdge. It was the first Gen server and it was actually made well. Shame the owners don't wanna remake. Maybe someone will revamp it idk.

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Am a person



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On 5/18/2020 at 6:25 AM, Visor said:

Title says it all, these can be past servers, or ones that are still up to this day.

I'll start!
I used to enjoy playing on CrateX and Glide.


Either lobby 9 or Multiples 🤷‍♂️

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10, bc it's just a fun abusable pvp server (IP Banned on it tho, false banned on 1 account for "killaura" for spam clicking ppl from spawn protection, then they ip banned me when I evaded this ban on alts)


600SB, bc I love watching ppl rage at my lag machines (3 Accounts Banned)

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