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Simple Portals


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What is Simple Portals?:

Simple Portals is a plugin that allows players to connect to other player servers on the Minehuts BungeeCord network.


How could Simple Portals be used?:

Simple Portals could be used for servers that want a portal back to the Minehut lobby because the server owner might have disabled /lobby or used the command for some other reason.

Simple Portals could also be used to connect all the servers a single player owns into a network of portals. 

Simple Portals could also be used for server owners to advertise other Minehut servers and allow players to join the advertiser server.


Why should I add Simple Portals?:

Well, you should add Simple Portals because... 

It has no dependencies so players don't have to install other plugins to make it work.

There is no BungeeCord plugin to install it only goes on the player server.

It's open source, so you can make it better for Minehut.


- DucksDont


Simple Portals | Spigot Page


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