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Everytime I join my server it crashes and I get the message: "Exception in server tick loop"

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I have a server that I use with my friends.

I accidentally destroyed some wheat, so I, as an admin tried to make the tick speed 10. I pressed 0 to many times though and It lagged and ended up doing tick speed 1000 . The server started to lag. Quickly I decided to revert it back to 1. The server then crashed. I restarted it and joined. For some reason my admin controls no longer worked. When I typed op <my name>. The server then crashed again. I tried again and it happend again. I then tried to use the command gamerule randometickspeed 1 in the dashboard. Again the server crashed. I have gotten realy far in my world and my last world download is from a while ago. Please someone help!.

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Your best bet is to just try to try and change the random tick speed back on the dashboard when the server starts up. Keep trying and hopefully it will work 🙂

Support  July 29, 2020 → Present

 I might not always respond to forum dms, however I am always contactable on discord (mig#0069)

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I'm pretty sure the Repair Files button is able to fix this issue, try going to Danger Zone and clicking Repair Files, restart your server and see if it's fixed


I know a lot of Skript and learning Java

I'm part of the community events team ( Development )


Feel free to contact me at @Santio71#3822

First Joined: Jan. 24, 2016

[VIP] ~2019

Joined CET: July 22, 2019 (Over a year ago) 

[PRO] May 6, 2020

Rejoined CET: June 15, 2020



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