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Siblinqs' Staff App


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1) What is your IGN?


2) What is your discord + tag (e.g Chilkins#0001)


3) How old are you?


4) Whats is your timezone? (e.g GMT+1)


5) What makes you different from other applicants?

Yes, I might not be very active at the moment,
But I can be way more active, It gets very boring when you are at the

at the top of the food chain killing on smaller and weaker people.

I have been playing Minecraft for about 7 years,

I then noticed that I have a lot of time on my hands so why can't I learn how to screenshare

I dedicated a lot of time and effort to screensharing, I use many of tools like

Paladin, SafeShare, Process Hacker 3, and just normally looking myself.
Staff Commands,
I am very familiar with staff commands and have been coding and working on my own staff commands,
So if I ban someone or mute someone I know most reasons and most formats.


5)  How much time have you put into the server?

Monday >> 2-5 hours
Tuesday >> 2-5 hours
Wednesday >> 2-5 hours
Thursday >> 2-5 hours
Friday >> 4-12 hours
Saturday >> 4-12 hours
Sunday >> 4-6 hours

6) What made you want to apply?

Not to push the staff to the ground but,
Yes the staff are a bit inactive, I always see hackers once staff go offline.
I have also seen that staffing on a server like this might decrease the amount of hackers on mine-hut

Also I have seen that staff on mine-hut aren't very experienced at screensharing.

7) Do you have any further relationships with staff members?

Yes, czczcx1 and me are very very very close 💔
All jokes aside, I am close to Hackuzated I taught him how to screenshare
on a different server and
Have known him for over 1 month now.

Do you have any prior staff experience?

FaithfulMC >> Moderator
VanityMC >> Sr-Moderator
AraPvP >> Admin/Head Of SS
CavePvP >> Chat Mod/Translator

Electrok >> Jr-Mod



9) Someone's reported for hacking but you aren't sure on spectating them, what do you do?

If someone has been reported I will always watch them,
If they looked very sketchy then I will bring them into discord,
If it is blatant hacks obviously its a ban for about 12 to 30 days,

10) Say you catch another staff member abusing their perks, what would you do?

First not bring it up to him/her so "they" wont abuse more than what they have already done,
If its really bad I would first automatically let the higher staff know first. Then try to make sure the community knows.

11) A spam bots come onto the server, how would you deal with them?

If I see a variety of people are joining at the same time I wont ban them until they do something
Out of the rules. If they start spamming or breaking rules its a automatic ban.

12) Someone's not abiding by the chat rules, how would you punish them?

I will warn them unless its excessive and not necessary,
Then its a ban after a certain amount of times.

13) People are verbally abusing you in chat, how would you deal with that?
I would always try to calm them down if its not that bad and warn them that its mutable
Then ban if its death threats or something excessive.

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Thanks for applying to Kristall, as it's a relatively new server having a variety of staff is necessary especially when our playerbase reaches into the 50s lately. We want players experiences to be enjoyable and staff more staff (especially active staff) should be able to assist that.

We liked your application though and it shows you put time into it. It's also good you meet the correct guidelines put in place, so we're going to ACCEPT the application. You will be put into a small process hopefully today if you have the chance and if all goes well you'll recieve Moderator, for more information I've messaged you on discord.


Server Rules  Staff Applications  News & Updates
Reports  Appeals

Retired Moderator (June 30th 2020 - May 17th 2021)




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Thank you for replying so quickly and nicely, I usually get criticism for the work I do so I appreciate you saying that but one thing I would like to add is, moderator should be a stepping stone for me, so promotions do happen correct?


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