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Things you probably didn't know were available in vanilla Skript


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So I saw this skUnity thread and I thought it was really interesting so I thought I'd share it.


Some cool stuff I got from it was:

Do If (Conditional Effects): Similar to the ternary, the do if effect allows you to execute an effect only if a condition passes. Note that this can be used to entirely replace if statements which only execute one line of code. Example: give a diamond to the player if {honor::%player's uuid%} > 50

Default Value: You can now in one line provide an alternative default value if the first value isn't set. Example: broadcast {score::%player's uuid%} otherwise "%player% has no score!". This only sends their score if their variable is set, otherwise sending the 2nd message.

Scripts: You can check if a specific script is loaded.


Continue: You can now use continue in a loop to skip to the next loop value.

Filters (skQuery Lambdas): Vanilla Skript supports filter statements just like skQuery's lambda which allow you to filter objects based on a condition. Some simple examples are send "congrats on being staff!" to all players where [player input has permission "staff"] or loop players in radius 10 of player where [player input isn't player].

Inventories: Skript has much more inventory support now (from many add-ons). You can:

Note: There are probably other posts like these that are more recent, I just felt like sharing this one :).


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