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Why I like the new update

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The new update has been released and let's say people are not happy. I think this update is good but it does have some problems.

One of the biggest problems with minehut servers is that before the servers weren't good value. A sever with 15 player slots and 1.2gb ram would cost around £7 a month and compared to the competition was not that good. Another problem with minehut is the more restricted control panel where you only get access to certain plugins and only and don't have access to certain files like the spigot.ylm. I am fine with this though so Trent, don't kill me. I also like the new 500 players plan because I think it's cool to think that we could have a really successful, big server in the future. Hosted on minehut!

I think only having 12 plugins for free servers in kind of a downgrade and I feel like it should be removed entirely or changed to 25 or 30 plugins. As well as that some users have had trouble with their server being reset and deleted. I am really sorry to hear that and I hope it gets fixed in the future.


I hope in the future minehut fixes the issues and makes minehut better!


P.S I think the MH20 should be changed to 25 players and I think addons such as Skript addons and Bentobox addons as well as essentials should not be counted as plugins

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