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Minehut Application Process

Thank you for taking interest in the Minehut application process! This process is set up in a way to make sure everyone has a fair chance to join the Minehut staff team and show their potential to the managers of the staff team and show them what you can offer. Because of the size of Minehut and its community, we do require all applicants to go through multiple steps and interviews before we consider bringing someone onto the staff team. Continue reading below to learn more about how we have everything set up and what you will need to do to potentially join the staff team. If you have any additional questions about the application process after reading this, feel free to contact a Minehut staff member.


Application Section

The first section of the application process starts out with a simple application. This application is extremely important as it's one of the first impressions we will have about you and showcases the amount of effort and dedication you have towards Minehut and joining the staff team. While judging applications, we follow a few points as we consider you a potential applicant to accept. Below are a few points/tips you should follow while writing up your application for staff.

  • Make sure your grammar is as perfect as possible and that you aren't misspelling any words. Doing so will show your lack of effort to look and read through your application. You can use a web extension such as grammar.ly to help you out with any misspelling and grammar.
  • The amount of details and effort you include is way more important compared to the length of your application or question answers. While we do expect some answers to be a certain length (having only a sentence for long response questions isn't acceptable), we aren't judging anyone's application based on how long the application is or how many sentences you included in each question.
  • Do not make any experience or piece of information look better than it actually is. If your birthday is in 3 weeks and you are 15 years old, your age is 15 not 15 3/4 or 15 339/365. This is just an example, but it goes for the same thing with any experience or activity you might include in your application. If you were staff but got demoted, just explain that you got demoted and don't use any weird wording.
  • One thing you should never do is lie anywhere in your application. One thing this process filters out is anyone that lies about something to us. We will find out if you do lie about your age, previous experience, or anything else you might not state the truth about.

These are just a few points you should follow when working on writing up your staff application. Do note that while you might have the best application in the world, we do check your activity in the lobbies as well as on the forums and on our Discord server. Your chances of getting into the staff team will be extremely narrow if you aren't dedicating some time to playing and communicating on the server and with the rest of the community. Learn more about applying for Minehut and all of our requirements for making an application over here.


Collaboration Section

After we close applications, we read through the rest of the applications and consider who we feel would be good as a possible staff member. We reply and invite a group of players and move them onto the next section of the process, the collaboration section. This section is where all the accepted applicants are invited into a private Discord server and have the ability to communicate and talk with all the rest of the players that had their applications accepted. Our main focus in this section is to understand and learn how social you are to other people you both have and haven't met, how your behavior is with people you might be working with side-to-side in the near future, and how much activity you are able to dedicate into a private Discord server. Below are a few tips on what to do if you are able to get into this section of the application process.

  • You should be quite active in the Discord server. If you aren't going to talk and be that active in the server, it would make it harder for us to judge if you would be fit as a staff member and it shows us that you aren't able to put enough effort in to be active in another Discord server. If you aren't able to be active in a smaller, private Discord server, how can we be sure you are able to be active in the staff server?
  • Be nice and maybe even try becoming friends with some of the other applicants there. The people that will be alongside you in this server are people that you might be working with if you do join the Minehut staff team so it would make your job a bit harder if you come into the staff team with people feeling you are immature or rude to other people. It also won't really look good to us if you are disrespecting others and causing arguments and different situations to pop up.
  • If you are able to get into this section of the process, do not leak anything going further. After you join the private Discord server, you need to keep everything private including the fact that you are in this section and anything you might experience while in this section. You are able to talk about this to others after you do finish up this section and get kicked out/promoted to the staff team, but you aren't allowed to expose who else was in the server with you and any interviews or talks you might have had with managers.


Interviews Section

While the collaboration section is ongoing, every applicant will be invited into an interview. This interview is extremely crucial as it teaches us a few things such as a little bit more about yourself, your knowledge on Minehut, if you would be a good fit for the staff team and some other factors such as your ability to talk to higher-up staff members and answer questions on the spot. Each interviewee's interview is different based on the information you include in your application, what we feel are some of your strengths and weaknesses, how you have been behaving, and some of the things we noticed about you during the collaboration section so far. Below are some important things to know about the interview.

  • Try coming in as confident as you can be. This is nothing you should be nervous about as it's really just a chat for us to learn more about you and have a nice conversation. This becomes increasingly harder if you are extremely nervous to the point where you are having trouble talking to us and aren't sure of what to say for some of the questions we might have for you.
  • Don't overwhelm yourself or get stressed out about doing the interview. We aren't looking for things you might mess up, we are looking for all the good things about you and what you might achieve at well if you join the Minehut staff team. You might mess up on a few questions and not know a few things we ask, but that's completely fine!  We aren't expecting people to be 100% perfect.

After all the interviewees finish up their interviews, we will decide on if we feel you've done a good job so far and if you should continue to move forward. Some people will get kicked out of the process at this point, while others might be asked to come in for a second interview for some additional questions and concerns. The exact details on this section of the application process will completely depend on a ton of factors about you and won't be the same for everyone.


Training Section

By the time you make it to this section, you've definitely proved yourself so far and are showing us that you might be quite qualified to join the Minehut staff team! As you go through each section of the application process, the number of people moving onto the next section will lessen and lessen. This is because we need to narrow down how many people we bring into the staff team and make sure that everyone that joins the staff team is extremely dedicated to the server and staff team and are here to help out Minehut and players as much as they can. The exact specifics of this section varies from staff wave to staff wave but the bullets below sums up some of the things that happen in this section.

  • Trainees will be given specific documents on how the staff team is set up and what to expect when joining the Minehut staff team. They will also learn about how they are supposed to behave as a staff member and some of the expectations we have in place.
  • Depending on the size of the staff wave and some of the strengths and weaknesses we notice in each trainee, we sometimes have private 1-on-1's with a few of the trainees and discuss any questions or concerns we or they might have about certain things.
  • A few days after the documents are handed out, all Trainees will be required to take a quiz based on their knowledge of Minehut, the Minehut staff team, and of the information provided and shown to them inside of the documents.

If a trainee happens to fail the quiz, they will not be eligible to move on and become a Junior Mod. The results of the quiz shows that you've been paying attention and reading up on the information we've been given out. This is extremely crucial as this information is required to join the Minehut staff team. Exceptions may be given for various reasons, but are rare. After we finish up this section of the process, the trainees are then promoted and put through a 2 month Junior Mod trial. Junior mods are unable to join Minehut staff teams during this trial and the trainees main priority is to focus on activity, moderation, and dedication for Minehut.

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