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Self-Destruct [Troll]

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Here is a simple troll that blows people up!



 permission: selfdestruct.use
 p: &4[&cSELF-DESTRUCT&4]
 permission message: {@p} &cYou do not have the permission selfdestruct.use. Access denied.

command /selfdestruct <player>:
  send "{@p} &cSelf-destructing &4%arg-1%&c..." to player
  wait 1 second
  summon 20 tnt at arg-1's location


I know its very simple, but its good for begginers!

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The options are useless as you don't use them (except {@p).

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 I might not always respond to forum dms, however I am always contactable on discord (mig#0069)

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