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Username: AustenWithAnE and other alternate accounts (including SnowHalation_)

What punishment did you receive: Reach, Autoclicker, Ban evading

Was the punishment fair: Yes, the punishments were definitely fair, and I plead guilty.

Why should you be unpunished: It's been quite a while since I've played Warzone, and since we're in quarantine I thought I would give it a try, till I logged in and forgot I was banned. I no longer use any sort of cheats that give me an advantage, and I do admit I was immature about me cheating in the past. I'd like to rejoin the server with a clean slate, and forget that I had cheated.

What were the events that led to your punishment: 2 years ago, I decided to play Warzone. It was really fun at first, but I sucked horribly at the game. I hacked a lot back then, and I launched MC with a client. I had closet cheated with that client for around 2? (maybe more) months until the staff finally got enough evidence to ban me. It sucked, cause I actually liked the server a lot. I used to play avic.us, so Warzone was an alternate option to it. Occasionally I would join on alts after that every few months, but I'd get banned after a day or so for ban evasion. 

Additional comments: I really miss this server, it's a really enjoyable one. I'd like to come and play again.

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I appreciate your honesty, but I will have to Deny your appeal. Considering the amount of time you have been cheating and the two, quite recent, ban evasions, I don't believe you have learned your lesson. You were punished in August 2019 and, according to what you have said, you have been cheating 2 years ago, that is way over 2 months. You can appeal again in 2 weeks, but I suggest waiting a long time before you decide to appeal again. I will be leaving this appeal open for 24 hours in case you have anything else to say.

Discord: Unburnable#0602
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