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Skript Addon: ThatPacketAddon

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A skript addon that allows for packet manipulation, can allow users to do things that usually aren't possible without outdated depricated addons.

List of all packets made available:

> findpacket *
[00:29:51 INFO]: [All packet types]
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_success
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_custom_payload
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_set_compression
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_encryption_begin
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_client_start
[00:29:51 INFO]: login_server_custom_payload
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_enchant_item
[00:29:51 INFO]: status_client_start
[00:29:51 INFO]: status_client_ping
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_window_click
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_close_window
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_custom_payload
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_client_command
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_settings
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_tab_complete
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_transaction
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_teleport_accept
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_tile_nbt_query
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_difficulty_change
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_chat
[00:29:51 INFO]: status_server_pong
[00:29:51 INFO]: status_server_server_info
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_entity_destroy
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_recipes
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_resource_pack_send
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_remove_entity_effect
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_player_info
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_combat_event
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_position
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_look_at
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_open_sign_editor
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_open_window
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_abilities
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_auto_recipe
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_use_item
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_entity
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_block_place
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_entity_look
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_open_book
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_vehicle_move
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_open_window_merchant
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_map
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_rel_entity_move_look
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_rel_entity_move
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_world_particles
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_world_event
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_login
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_light_update
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_open_window_horse
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_game_state_change
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_map_chunk
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_keep_alive
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_entity_status
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_kick_disconnect
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_unload_chunk
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_explosion
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_auto_recipe
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_set_cooldown
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_set_slot
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_abilities
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_block_dig
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_server_custom_sound_effect
[00:29:51 INFO]: play_client_entity_action


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I believe it was removed for security reasons.

Support  July 29, 2020 → November 3, 2020

► Helper November 3, 2020 → February 22, 2021

► Moderator February 22, 2021 → Present

 I might not always respond to forum dms, however I am always contactable on discord (mig#0069)

Screen Shot 2020-03-20 at 5.23.33 pm.png

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On 4/23/2020 at 3:52 AM, Migqy said:

I believe it was removed for security reasons.

what security reasons would there be? The only thing remotely problematic would be the server list ping i think, and even then it's just the fake player count issue again. I think minehut investing a very small amount of time in making a fork of this would be extremely beneficial to all users

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i'll give you an example.
custom payload packets.
by constructing custom payload packets, you are able to send bungeecord plugin messages from skript.
for example, i've made this function before: function sendPluginMessage(player: player, prefix: text, key: text, content: strings).
now, let's say i wanted to send a message to all players on the current proxy i'm connected to. i'd do sendPluginMessage(player, "bungeecord", "main", {_content::*}) {_content::*} = Message,ALL,Message goes here.

of course, the function is pretty complicated as this isn't the easiest way to work with packets, but it's possible. in fact, minehut was so scared of this happening, they removed the addon, and /server commands from player servers.

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