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Networks and Whitelisting Servers

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So as the staff of MineHut you should already know that there is a connection block between all servers for security purposes. This is a good feature so people don't get a DDoS attack or Bot attacks. But this also opens up a new idea. Considering that fact that we are allowed to run more than one server and in fact be able to buy up to 10 extra server slots. This makes a total max of 12 server slots per account. Given that fact, its no surprise that people may want to connect them together creating what is known as a "Network". MineHut is an extremely huge network that simply allows the connection of player servers to the lobbies and lobbies to player servers. I think we should be given and option in our server settings to whitelist other server ips to connect to each other. Another option which is far less user friendly is using OnlyProxy which depends on SpigotLib. It is highly possible you guys are using OnlyProxy already but I obviously cant verify that. To give you guys an incentive, it would probably be agreed upon by bigger servers to charge us a little for the ability to do this as it would be highly convenient for them to partition their server gamemodes and so on. As far as pricing for the feature, i think it would be realistic for it to be a one-time purchase like server slots at maybe 150 - 250 credits? It would be very nice for us to be able to do /pvp and our players could go to our dedicated PvP server. This may raise a question, "Well what about our players data such as money, stats, and items?" About 80% of the plugins that handle those types of things already have bungeecord support.

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