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Westeria - Revolutionary MMORPG (Recruiting)

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Hello people of Minehut, I'm here again with another big project.

We are recruiting for many different positions:

Experienced Skript Developers - Making all the the features below take time, and in order to release as soon as possible we need more Skript developers.

Builders - As an MMORPG, Westeria requires a lot of builds.

Story development team - We need people to think of quests, items, mobs and more.

Artists (texture packs artists and experts in particular) - We are trying to do something that is rarely seen in Minehut - an unique experience with a custom texture pack. 

Westeria has many unique features: Custom Items, Custom Mobs, Levels and Stats, Custom Quest System, Custom Spawners, Classes and Abilities, Region System, Party System, Dungeons (Planned), Loot Chests (Planned).

For more information about Westeria you can check our other much more detailed post: 


You can join our discord server for polls and updates: https://discord.gg/xDpq4rF

If you want to help us out then dm me in discord: xlr100#6932

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