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Wolfeee_ |Dupe Skript


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Simple Dupe Skript...

What does it do?:
- This skript let's you toggle the way to dupe and let's you dupe your items.
- The skript will be helpful for those who want to make a dupe server.

How to set it up!:
Okay, to setup this skript as you may have seen in my last skript you need to navigate back to the script folder. You then need to add the file into the folder itself, and paste the skript into it. Once you paste it in, go back to your game. Also, you must name the file "filenamehere.sk" (include the .sk because it wont save if you don't add the .sk at the end) and then go back into your game. You will need to do /sk reload <filenamehere>.sk then you should be good to go.


on join:
    set {dupeitems::%player's uuid%} to true

on quit:
    set {dupeitems::%player's uuid%} to false

command /dupe:
        if {dupeitems::%player's uuid%} is true:
            set {_item} to player's tool
            give {_item} to player

command /toggle [<text>]:
        if arg-1 is "on":
            set {dupeitems::%player's uuid%} to true
        if arg-1 is "off":
            set {dupeitems::%player's uuid%} to false
            send "&fUsage: /toggle on/off"


IGN: Wolfeee_
Discord: Nathan.#4380



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