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What punishment did you receive:

I received a permanent ban for 'ban evading.'

Was the punishment fair:

No: I logged onto and was playing on warzone today for a decent amount of time with the lunar client before being spontaneously banned for ban evasion; I was not using a vpn at the time nor (I'm fairly certain) have I used a vpn on this server at all. I simply have not hacked on warzone and have not been banned myself previously, so I believe the only other possibility is that someone else on my wifi was banned at some point on warzone. I did some research online and read that ISPs recycle ips, so its possible, although the chance is obviously minuscule, that someone else got banned on my current ip prior to it becoming mine. The more likely scenario, I believe, is that one of my friends was either hacking on random minehut servers (or specifically tried to hack on warzone) on my wifi before the state-wide lockdown where I live. If this is the case, the punishment was not fair in any respects as I had no wrongdoings. 

Why should you be unpunished:

Like I said above, I can't be sure why I was banned for ban evasion; however, I know that I only played on warzone with my own account: OM_NI_PO_TENT. I could go to the effort of tracking down which of my friends (like I said previously, if this is the case) was banned, but I believe that would be unnecessary as there is no credibility there anyway. To sum it up, I think I should be unpunished for the obvious reason that I did not break the rules. 

What were the events that led to your punishment:

I joined the warzone server on 4/14/2020, played for roughly an hour or two and was banned without warning for ban evasion. 

Additional comments:

None that I can think of

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