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Remainable's Staff Application

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1 - Basic Information -

    • Minecraft Username: Remainable

    • Previous Minecraft Usernames [Use NameMC.com]: AliTheBoss1, xMyst_, Skripte, TastqChristmas, skVixio, Summarizable, TUTP

    • Age: 15

    • Country of Residence: United States Of America 

    • Timezone: EST

    • Do you have access to our Discord server? [https://discord.gg/CUBJV8M]: Yes.

    • Discord Username [EX: BreakfastDeliqht#0801]: Remainable#0002

    • Do you have a working microphone?: Yes, but I have a family disorder which makes my voice sound really high like a mouse. Please don't judge me.

    • How much time can you contribute to the role?: With my recent experience, I can be on the server from 7 am to 3 pm or longer on weekdays. And around 7 am - 5 pm or longer.

    • Do you have any past staff experience? If so, explain in detail what you've done: I have had a lot of experience with many different types of Staff Roles, it includes the following; Moderation, Administration and Management.

Moderation - As a moderator, I've taken care of many servers and provided players with all the information needed on the server. I've also had the experience of punishing players appropriately depending on the rule they've broken (of course, following the correct punishment guidelines). I've also helped many players who don't understand how to do specific things and have provided them with the correct information.

Administration - As an administrator, I've taken care of helping the founder of communities with their discord servers and in-game problems which include finding bugs, and taking care of bug-reports given by players. As an administrator, I understood my roles very well understand all the jobs this role takes care of. As the founder of a few servers my self, I understand mainly, what the goals of specific roles are.

Management - I personally think the management role has 2 sides to it (some servers don't include/have the management role) Build Managers and Staff Managers. I believe that Build Managers take care of what the builders are supposed to do, they decide the plan/layout of a specific structure or map and give it to the builders to create. They make sure the builds don't get out of hand and take care of accepting/denying builder staff applications by looking at their portfolios, etc. In my eyes, the Staff Manager would take care of Staff Applications, and decide whether to accept or not accept the applicant into the Staff Team. The Staff Manager also takes care of promotions/demotions of Staff Members and make sure they don’t abuse. As a manager, I’ve mainly taken care of Staff. As stated up above those are things I had to take care of while being a Staff Manager.

I have been Staff on many communities before including owning some of my own servers. I have prior knowledge to all the roles and understand all the jobs.

farwl's servers - Moderation Team (Average Players: 20)
Cepi - Management Team (Average Players: 15)
Trader - Moderation Team (Average Players: ??)

The experience I had on all of these servers really increased my understanding of Staff and the types of roles/jobs they are meant to do. I really enjoyed helping these communities and liked to see them grow.

Those are some servers, 1-2 years ago on Minehut I had been a part of many more. Sadly most are not up anymore and/or died. I plan to take my knowledge on Cepi, and farwl's servers instead.

    • What is your current playtime on the server? [Check in statistics in your ESC menu]: 3.23 hours. (More by the time application has been check, please ask me for the new one)

    • Have you ever been banned or punished on the server?: I haven't been punished on Multiples before., and if I was I would of learned from it.

    • Any other information we need to know about you?: I'm a helpful, kind person and won't let any of you down. I would always stick by everyones side and make sure no one feels down.

2 - Scenarios -

    • Suppose that someone is spamming racial slurs in the chat. What would you do?: Depending on the punishment guidelines I would mute them. I would first get evidence and log the mute. [In my opinion I would mute them perm]

    • Suppose that someone were to be flying around and using kill aura. People are yelling at you in chat to do something about it. What do you do?: I would first tell everyone to calm down, then get my evidence [if its too blatant then I wouldn't need evidence] and then I would ban them. I'd tell everyone to not spam in chat but to do /report next time.

    • Suppose that someone were to be advertising in chat. What would be your first response?: I would first mute the player permanently then clear the chat, I believe chat logs should be used for proof on this one.

3 - Letter of Understanding -

I, Remainable, do acknowledge that I can be removed from the staff team at any point, I hereby understand that if I have lied about anything on this application, that I will not have a chance at being staff after this point. I understand that I can not ask staff to read my application. I acknowledge that I am not able to reapply until 3 days have passed since being denied. Sincerely, Remainable.

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