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Server Appeal Format

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Minehut occasionally suspend servers for breaking our rules located here. If we do find your server in violation of our rules and you would like to appeal your server's suspension, copy the format below and post it in the "Appeals" category right here on the Minehut forums. Please make sure that you are the owner of the server before you start making an appeal for the suspension. Do not ask staff to read your appeal, it can lead to an instant denial.

Server Name:

Why do you think the server is suspended?

Why should we unsuspend your server?

Additional Information:

Ready to appeal your server suspension? Click here to start creating your appeal. Make sure you copy the format!

If you have any additional questions concerning anything related to server suspensions and what we do exactly suspend servers for, feel free to contact any of the managers right here on the forums or by joining the Minehut Discord server here.

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