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Simple Gamemode Skript


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Hello! This is my first time posting something on the forums. I have a gamemode skript I skripted and could be of use for newer skripters. It only has /gms and /gmc as it is more common to have. You can set other people's gamemode's aswell.


Screenshots: https://prnt.sc/rvz2k2 (/gmc) https://prnt.sc/rvz35c (/gms) https://prnt.sc/rvz3it (/gmc but already set to it)  https://prnt.sc/rvz3it (/gms but already set to it)


Skript: https://pastebin.com/ad4sbHyi

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honestly just use something like this

command /gmc [<offline player=%player%>]:
    permission: gamemode.creative
		set arg's gamemode to creative
		send "&7Updated &b%arg%&7's gamemode to &bcreative&7."
		send "&7Your gamemode has been set to &bcreative&7." if arg isn't player


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