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Existential Dread - Creative Writing Entry


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   Whereas individuals who are oblivious to the greater purpose of existence may find happiness by partaking in the ordinary commodities of life, others who have the sheer audacity to question what they experience within their short lifespan are often those who experience what is classified as existential dread — the terror in which we experience due to awareness that we are transient, impermanent beings acting out our timeline on a rather precarious stage, bound for collapse in a timely manner, leaving little legacy throughout the universe. If we are destined to spread, then we shall, however over time, whatever galactic empire we have established will inevitably fall itself, leaving our species stranded within a period of uncertainty, with only the mere knowledge of our inevitable demise. This feeling is one of the primary side effects of self-awareness, which few species experience. Those who suffer from this rather peculiar calling are often the individuals who have the courage to withstand the overwhelming burden of being and somehow managed to peer in the seemingly never-ending abyss which we classify as life, spit in it, acknowledge that we are merely a blue marble within an infinite expanse, and understand that everyone will be forgotten, and ultimately, nobody has served great importance in the grander scheme of things. Whether it’s the next generation, the one after that, or hundreds of generations further, you ultimately have no known purpose within the Universe, and evidently, existence itself. 

    However, you shan’t allow these various ideas to diminish all enthusiasm for life, as after all, existence is neither benign nor hostile, it’s merely indifferent. If you are to be forgotten, at least do good for the generations to come. I ask of you to not walk behind me; for I may not lead. Don’t walk in front of me; I may not follow. Just simply walk beside me and be there. Not only for me, instead for our species as a whole, as we are all rambling audacity-monkeys, preparing to exit our infantile stages and explore what we were destined to explore; the heavens. We all must be there, for within life, there is only absurdity, and more absurdity. And perhaps that's the existential despair we experience, however the only thing that can defeat absurdity is lucidity. Companionship is what provides that lucidity. And you should provide that lucidity to someone in your life. As a species, we are not guaranteed happiness. Unfortunately, it is not a human right. Without happiness, we would never grow. In pursuit of happiness, however, we happen to further develop as a species. And that’s what we need to continue to do. Under extensive pressure from our looming death sentences, we must strive to put forth our best foot, to assist mankind, and maybe one day, just maybe, our species will finally be able to walk.

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