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Here's my entry for the Creative Writing Contest!


The void wrapped around the goose, shrouding him in darkness. There was nothing to see except for below his feet and the blue sparks flickering ahead.

"Honk?" The goose asked out of fear, but mostly curiosity. "Honk, hooonk..." The goose kept honking, awaiting an answer, but to no avail.

The goose tip-toed to the blue sparks, but the sparks floated further away with each step. Then, they disappeared. A figure bloomed in its place. Its shroud covered its face and rendered it difficult to see.

"Why have you come here, wanderer?" The figure spoke in a grave tone, creating a sense of unwelcome and unease for the goose. The goose unsheathed his sword and waved it among the darkness. Chills were sent down his spine.

He was frightened.

"Honk?" The goose questioned the figure again.

"I see you're still a coward, wanderer. You've never been here, have you? Such a shame." The figure began his boring monologue.

"I've controlled this land for centuries and didn't realize how someone would have to go such great lengths to come here. It could be a dare. It could be the credits. Perhaps, love?"

"HONK!" The goose responded defensively. He quivered upon the last word.

"Honk, honk, HONK!" The goose began running aimlessly in a circle, searching for the figure.

Death suddenly appeared at the opposite end of the darkness. Motionless, yet gliding across the fog. He pointed to the goose.

"Accept your fate, wanderer, for I am Death. Your time has come, but I greatly pity you," Death began. "I had believed you would show with power, but my assumptions were disproved upon your arrival."

"Honk!" The goose finally stops in his tracks and glares at Death. He prepares to strike.

"You dare try?"

The goose honks furiously as he speeds toward Death. He raises his sword. A scythe appeared in Death's hand from the fog surrounding him. It glistened with blue sparks, flickering.

"Your existence here is unneeded. You only waste my time, and you can't listen," Death spoke in an eerie tone.

The goose dashed and struck for Death's head. But Death was hasty; his scythe blocked the goose's and the fog traps the goose in place, rendering it impossible for motion.

"Honk..." The goose honked in fear. His sword was taken swiftly from his grasp and shattered upon touching the fog. His potions were wrested away and disintegrated. Death walked closer and closer to the goose, his blue eyes glaring at him.

"Such a shame. You would have made a great addition to the earth. You could've stopped the pandemic. You could've stopped global warming. The April crisis would've been prevented. And yet you choose to be selfish. Yet, you choose to go down a path that is nothing but me." Death scolded the goose for all the good he could've done and chosen to avoid them.

"Honk. Honk, honk.. Honk. Honk? Honk." The goose responded with sarcasm.

"What?" Death questioned. "You merely chose the life of regret. I'm simply here to grant you your consequences."

Death raised his scythe in the air and swiftly swung it upon goose's head.

Goose's vision went black. And then, he opened his eyes in an unfamiliar room. It was his bedroom. At the front, posters covered the wall around the clock. The clock ticked. Benny finally opens his eyes fully and groans at the clock. It was 3:00 AM. He got up and opened the bedroom door to the hallway and headed to the bathroom. He turned on the lights but winced at the brightness. He looked at the mirror to see the deep dark circles and rubbed his eyes.

"That was a dream, wasn't it?" Benny asked the mirror. Then he sat on the toilet and scrolled through Discord on his phone.

Benny returned to the bedroom and threw himself under the blankets. Then, he drifted away to sleep.

"Benny, breakfast is ready!" Benny's mom yelled from the kitchen downstairs.

"Ok, mom!" He quickly changed his clothes and hopped straight out of the room. Then he waltzed back in, realizing that it was still 3:00 AM. "Why is she making breakfast at three? Whatever."

"Have a good sleep, Benny?" The mom was preparing pancakes, his favorite since forever. She carefully put strawberries around it and made a smiley face with banana slices. Benny plopped down on the chair, waiting with his fork and syrup. His smile widened as his mom walks over with the plate of pancakes. Then he gobbles it in one bite.

"Wow, Benny... You were hungry, weren't you?" The mom commented. Benny burped and got up. He returned to his room and plopped back in bed.

Benny flipped around, unable to sleep until he saw a figure standing at the edge of the bed. The flickering blue sparks looked familiar. Benny realized that it was Death. Death raised his scythe and swung it down upon Benny, but a bird appeared out of nowhere, stopping his strike. It was the goose!

"Yo, what the hell?!" Benny jumped backward in shock. Has his dream taken over reality, or was he in the dream all along? The goose and Death began to fight a brutal fight. The exchange of the sword and scythe slashing against one another was deafening. The goose then yelled to Benny.

"Honk! Honk, honk, HONK!!" For whatever reason, Benny immediately understood and jumped from his bed and ran to the door, but a scythe appeared in his way. Another hooded figure appeared at the door, prancing towards Benny with an unparalleled evil shrouding him. The goose and Death were still exchanging blows, and Benny stumbled backward into a corner with nowhere to go.

"Honk!" The goose quickly looked at Benny and honked. Only this time, Benny didn't understand it. The slashes were too loud for him to listen, but the goose couldn't repeat himself and continued swinging his sword. Benny hid under the bed.

But then, Benny's surroundings disappeared. The clashing became muted and the goose and Death faded away.

"Honk." The goose called Benny a coward as he last disappeared. Then Benny's limbs began to fade away into dust, then up to his chest. Then his head.

"And that is the end," a voice sounded. Trent slammed the book closed and then rambled on how good the story was to supposedly his imaginary friends.

"Poor guy..." A person said outside the room. "How is he going to get treated?" Ashley asked the doctor.

"He won't. His mind and body have gone so twisted that anything we try to do won't have an effect on him," the doctor said to Ashley. "I think it's best to consider that he just doesn't exist anymore in his mind."

"Looks like I'll be taking over the company now," Ashley commented with an eerie sense of confidence.

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