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McPlatinum MinePvP Server.


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Hello Minehut Users,

This Is Raged__ , The owner of McPlatinum.

McPlatinum Is a MinePvP server. Almost all of the features are SKRIPTED

WHAT is Minepvp?

MinePvP Is A game that you start With A pickaxe, a sword and armor. You get to mine Blocks from the Generator mines And Upgrade your Items! When you upgrade your items you slowly get more op. after you can pvp  with the starter items to The most op Items! Its very fun! Communicating with players! Once you get op You can Start Killing People or claim bounties And Go to events! When Being op. We can also update the game (1-3 times a week) and add more items! That means You can get more op and more Without Stopping! Anyone Can be op!

This Server Is Going to release From 26/06/19(today) To 27/06/19/(tomorrow)

This MinePvP is so fun, that you need a pillow for your jaw, because your jaw will open wide!

We Have Friendly Staff. Very Friendly that you will  think that you're talking to a Top notch nice bot!

Heres a list of our Staff Members:

Raged__ Owner(Raged__#9644 For More Information on Discord!)

WomanOfWarAl Co owner


HoneyOfDerp77 Administrator

Assanix  Moderator

sibba72 Sr Moderator

SamiTheMaster  Sr Moderator


We Built, And we built with all of our heart to create one of the best and Big maps for minepvp On The Minehut Network!

The Server is Fantasy themed, with the mines:Obsidian(donators) Coal,Iron,Gold,Diamond And emerald

Heres  A few pictures of the map:(created by womanofwaral)






I like turtles.....

&1Gratuation Minecraft Building School

Experienced Builder for 6 years.


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