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Multiples Update v4.0

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Multiples Changelog v4.0

April 3rd, 2020


Hello everyone! Multiples downtime will be concluded today after the beta testing is wrapped up! The 90% Sale in the store will end April 10th, so make sure to get your $0.60 MVP+ rank quick! We hope that everyone is enjoying Season 3, and we ensure everyone an entertaining season! Let's get into the new content,



 Multiples v4.0 update will come with the long awaited crew system. This is added along with personal cells for your crews. Get to your cell by doing /crew create (name), and then /crew home. Use the /crew balance command to check your crew's balance. Use this to purchase ore generators in /shop! Requirements for the clans are as followed,

  • Level 10 to create a clan
  • 5  Members per clan
  • 5 Generators spots in cell 
  • Buy Generators in /shop with your /clan balance


New Leveling System

The new leveling system for the pickaxes have came with Multiplier's and Pets! Check your multiplier with the command /multipliers, or simply check your pickaxe lore. Pets will boost the amount of xp you get while mining, and will occasionally find tokens for you in the Warzone. Everytime you prestige now, your max exp will increase by 200. This was implemented to balance the multipliers and xp.  



This season, @Vinixs will be hosting many events/giveaways both in-game and on the Discord. Don't miss out on these, as these give very valuable rewards, as in ranks, crate keys, tokens, $$$, Cosmic Crates, etc. Events in game will be hosted as well!


Pet System

To access to pet menu, you must be at least Prestige 1. Once you've prestiged, you will then be able to access to buy pets. Pets will increase the amount of xp and tokens you get from mining. You will also be able to upgrade the amount of xp you gain from the pet in the upgrade menu. 


Global Boosters

Global Boosters will be held off until the April 10th update. We want to hold this back due to bug issues, and we want to ensure a fully functional global booster system, as this will be essential in the next couple of updates. Thanks for understanding!



If you purchased a rank on any of the previous seasons, don't worry, your rank carries over every season! Ranks will now have the ability to do /cosmetics. In the future, we plan on adding on to the cosmetic menu as the seasons go by, so check the changelog to see if we added any!


Bug Fixes

During the downtime, we came across a variety of bugs and issues while testing some of the new features, as well as old ones. All of the game breaking bugs are fixed and shouldn't cause any problems in the future, as in prestige resets, etc. We will be looking into converting many skripts into shorter ones, as well as implement UUID's in the rest of the variables. This means that if you change your ign, you'll keep your level, tokens etc. We are still aware of the crate key bug, and we will be working on a fix while we release the update. If you are caught abusing the bug, you will be blacklisted without a chance to appeal. Thanks for understanding! Here are a list of updated features during the downtime, 

Shop - Added Cell Generators (Buy with /clan balance | Faster regen times)

Leveling (Xp now carries over | Max EXP increases per prestige | Multipliers now increase xp)

Supply Crates (Cash reward reduced | Fixed Loki Set)

Quests (All Quests are now working and give proper rewards)


- Administrative & Development Team


Edited by Vinixs

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