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[skript] Skbee scoreboard color code bug

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note: I have confirmed with the developer of skbee that this is not a plugin-side error, and have also confirmed that this works outside of minehut.

on join:
    set title of player's scoreboard to "&6&lServer Info"
    while player is online:
        set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "&eOnline: &f0" # 0 for testing purposes only
        wait 1 second

this only sets line 1 of player's scoreboard to "Online: " instead of "Online: 0"

if i change line 4 to 

set line 1 of player's scoreboard to "&eOnline: 0"

it displays it fine, showing that there an issue with minehut supporting multiple color codes in the string of this skript expression

I'm not sure how you'd go about resolving this issue but i thought it was worth reporting anyone because skbee is currently the best scoreboard option performance wise

Resource page: https://www.spigotmc.org/resources/skbee-skript-addon.75839/

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