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New Minehut Staff Members!

Give a round of applause to the 8 new players that will be joining the Minehut staff team as Junior Mods! Over the next couple of months, they will be going through a trial to see if they will make it to the Moderator rank. If you see them in-game, on the Discord server, or in the forums make sure to give them a congratulations! Check out below to learn more about the hobbies and adventures of our new staff members.


@Vinixs Hey, I’m Vinixs and i’m 18 years old. You may of seen me around dating back to 2016, when i joined back in August. I enjoy conversing in the lobbies, discord, and the forums as well as assist some players who need it. I’m from Chicago, and currently in my last year of high school. In my free time, i love to Skript and create applications. I’ve been skripting for a couple of years now, and can’t wait to work alongside everyone on the staff team!


@PandaChan Hia! I'm PandaChan, mostly known as Emily or just as Panda. I've been playing Minehut for almost 4 years, I'm most active in Discord and will usually be found there helping people. I love watching anime, reading Webtoons, just watching YouTube or playing Minecraft with people. Some other random things about me: I'm currently 16 years old, live in the Netherlands (I speak two languages, unless you count my dialect which is technically a language but no one speaks it ;;) and I'm currently working towards studying psychology ^^


@Nichxlxs Hello, my name is Nicholas and I go by the name 'Nichxlxs' in-game. I am 16 years old, I live in Australia and am currently interested in computer science and software engineering. I first got minecraft back in beta 2010 when I was recommended by my cousin. Since then, I have played for many many years both with friends and complete strangers. I joined minehut about halfway through 2015 and quit early 2018 until recently in 2019 when I got back into it. I've had many name changes over the past years, though my most known ones are iHaveSkills, Retrical and Deterno. I love to watch anime (favourites are shield hero and ngnl) and mainly spend my time playing games with a bunch of friends. I also play other games such as CSGO and Gmod, and I have a lot of free time on my hands (because of coronavirus) so if you want to have a chat with me or just want to play games let me know! Looking forward to meeting more of you guys in the future!


@Puro_OwO Greetings, my name is Puro of the OwO. I am 20 years old originally from Romania, but I reside in the US of A. I have played Minehut for something like five years now. Some may remember me as “Senpia” I was a moderator back in 2016-2017 so I am not new to this. I am a furry feel free to bully me lmao. My passion in life is Anthropology (the study of humans) because let’s face it we are total freaks of nature. That’s about it cya around friendos.


@Lightning Thank you everyone! Thank you everyone! I love you all so much! Hah. I-I don't know what to say. I never thought that this day would come (starts to tear up). I can't thank you all enough for this Oscar. This is all because of you guys! I would like to thank everyone that helped me to get here! I would also like to thank my Mom, my Dad, my- ... Wait... What's this? (Immediatly stops crying) This is just a Junior Moderator introduction? Oh, come on man, and here I came all dressed, actually wearing clothes for once. Well, guess I'll have to introduce myself, huh?... Ok, ok, ok, ok, ok... Testing 1, 2, 3... Testing 1, 2, 3... Everything seems to be good?.. Alright... Konichiwa Minasan! Ore wa Lightning-chan desu! The new super kawaii Junior Mod here- and I can't... I just can't... What the heck am I doing? I-I'm sorry you had to go through that. That was just... terrible... Utterly atrocious... Who even let someone like him on the stage? Oh my god. Well, whatever, as you guys can see, I'm extremely qualified for this job! Anyways, time to get down to business (very quickly and robotically) I am Lightning, age 19, born and raised in Canada, my blood type is "I have no clue" and my credit card info is bleep bleep bleep. I shouldn't have said that, huh? What, it was already cut out in post? Perfect. Uhh, don't mind that. What else can I say, I've been studying in applied sciences, I'm a huge weeb, oh, and I've been a part of Minehut for almost 5 years I believe, I don't know if you guys would believe me but... I was once staff here... Keep this a secret between us. Anywho, I'm back and ready for anything! I just want to have fun with people and I just wish everyone to have a good time! And, finally, I'm sorry you had to go through all of this, I should have just said (Caveman) "Hi, my name Lightning. I am new Junior. Goodbye". I think that would have been better than this whole mess. Yeahh... Well, guess that's that! All I can say now is that I hope to see you all later!


@fjsu Hello people of Minehut! My name is fjsu, you've probably seen me around in the lobbies before, and if you haven't then you must be blind, how are you reading this? Anyways, I've been playing Minecraft since late 2010 and have been on Minehut since early 2018, My hobbies include, building, graphic design, video editing, tax fraud, sleeping, and producing music. I spend most of my time playing Minecraft, however. I like most foods, some of my favorites being sushi and tempura, chicken strips and french fries, and I love some fast food from time to time. I'm from Canada, and I can speak both English and French, if you ever want to have a conversation in either language or even just want to say hi, I am legitimately on almost all the time either on player servers, in the lobby or on discord so feel free to message me! I normally watch YouTube videos while I'm in the lobbies, so if you have a Minecraft related, or otherwise interesting video you'd like to show me, feel free to link me it in DMs, I'm also always listening to random songs YouTube music feeds me so if you have a song you'd like to show me I'd be glad to hear it! I'm very excited to be representing the wonderful Minehut community having been a part of the community for a while now! Anyways, I hope to see you around in the lobby, a player server, or the discord sometime soon!


@Anonymous192 Hi there, I'm Anonymous192 also known as like hundred other names. I am 17 years old, and I am from Auckland, New Zealand, which most of you probably don't even know existed since you hardly can see it on the map. I started playing Minecraft in 2013, and I have been playing on Minehut since 2017. I'm currently in my last few weeks of High School before I finish school seven months early yea I am that smart 🙂 and I have no idea what I will become in the future. I am mostly active on discord so come talk to me I will probably be bored from living in lockdown for four weeks. Well, the things I like to do is watch Netflix/Youtube, coding different stuff like discord bots, playing Minecraft with my friends and exercising you know the gym life. I can't think of anything else to write so that is it and I will look forward to becoming a Minehut staff member and helping Minehut itself and the players. See you around 😄


@Koronotchi Yo yo yo! My name's Koronotchi, but you can call me Koro or Tom. I'm 14 and I'm from Liverpool, UK. I joined Minehut in 2018 when my friend told me about his server, which I became active on. After it closed, I started playing on other Minehut servers, and I learned more and more about how Minehut works and what's available for us. In terms of Minecraft in general, I started playing PE around 2013/14, and I switched to Java around mid/late 2014 on a public alt that my Mum and Dad bought from eBay. (I didn't know what a public alt was lol, I was pretty young.) This account was banned from a few servers because others had used it for hacking, which I didn't understand at the time. I eventually got fed up with this and decided that I wanted a proper account. So on the 30th of June, 2015, Koronotchi was born (with another name obviously), and I haven't changed account since.

I've recently handed in my GCSE options, and they are Computer Science and Triple Science, with History as my required Humanity. Alongside these, I have 2 reserved options, which are GCSE German and BTEC Health and Social Care. My current dream job is a Paramedic, but I've recently been thinking of being a Software Developer instead. 

In terms of hobbies, I love cycling. I did it every day, to and from school (until it broke), and I've always enjoyed it, regardless of the minor injuries and near misses I've had, that's just cycling for you. I'm also going to be learning Java soon, this is because I want to develop Spigot Plugins in the future, and I'll need a good knowledge of Java to do that. I'm also interested in learning other coding languages, like Python, and JS for Discord Bots. I'm also a handwriting freak, so I practise quite a bit. I play the drums too, and I play Grade 2 pieces.

Outside of Minecraft, the only game I actively play is osu!, it's very addicting but I enjoy it. (Help me, I can't stop clicking circles! Help!)

I'm glad to be on this journey, see you all on Minehut!

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