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Dear Minehut Community, 

Most people do not know, but last night myself and a few other people in the Minehut Discord, were fooling around, and I posted some inappropriate pictures and made some nasty comments to an SLG Staff Member known by Ashley. At first I thought it was plain old having fun, but then It turned out not to be, when I was banned from the discord and stripped of my rank as Builder. I was so mad at first on how I had screwed up, but then realized how stupid of a person I am to have said and done such stupid things. So many people know me as the builder who helps people with free spawns, and the second creator of the lobby. I wanted to sincerely express my apologies to the SLG Team, Trent and Ashley. I overstepped and I messed up badly and I had no intentions of hurting anyone. I've been a part of Minehut since It was first opened by Luke. I wanted to be a builder so bad, and with the help from a good friend of mine that has dealt with me and my problems for years, BennyDoesStuff, I was finally able to become a builder. It was an honor and honestly such a fun experience to be able to be part of such an awesome team. I always love helping people and encouraging people to strive for the greatest they can be. I love helping out players with there builds so much, because it gives me a new experience and a new person that I can be friends with or talk to. I'm probably not the nicest person or the most liked, But I just wanna ask for a second chance at redemption. I really do love this community and I never meant to harm anyone. I please ask that I can redeem myself to be a better person. I've never done anything like this before, but because of this guilt that I feel, I wanted to make it public. 

Again I sincerely apologize for my actions and behavior towards SLG and Trent, and on behalf of Minehut. I hope you all can forgive me and give me a second chance. I promise, that you wont forget it.

- TrollFarts / Alex


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I vouch for TrollFarts, he is a great builder and a major part of the team.

It's a shame to see him leave, as him and I work well together when working on build projects.

I understand that some form of punishment should be given, but as this is his first offence and he regrets making the choices he made, a perm demotion seems kinda harsh.

I do not know the full story of what happened but I would suggest to reconsider the punishment due to the impact that the build team has taken.

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