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Server first crashing, then being on stopping forever



https://pastebin.com/GxwRM4b9 <logs

tried to remove citizens, now its on stopping forever.



This sucks, my server first resetted 2 times in like one week, then i worked 3 WHOLE WEEKS on my server, finally got to launch a beta and not even 2 days has passed and everything is broken again because minehut is updating to 1.14.3 without a warning!!! now i have like a discord with 70 people, waiting for weeks to play and only got to play 2 days befoare minehut needed to break it again! WHY CAN'T I JUST CHOOSE WHAT VERSION I WANT, LIKE A NORMAL SERVER HOST?


(and for all minehut admins reading this: new version ≠ compatibility from plugins.)



EDIT: It's working now. Please ignore this post.

EDIT 2: it broke again. I am confused

EDIT 3: it works now? can someone explain this?

EDIT 4: OK so bassicly it works for 1 minute and then it crashes

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