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Another skript from me!

Required plugins:





So, you must setup a menu with createyourownmenus. you can watch a tutorial video, or just figure out the plugin.


on join:
 set slot 8 of player to 1 nether star named "&6&lMain Menu"
on right click:
  if player's held item is a nether star named "&6&lMain Menu":
    make console execute "menu open %player% mm"

on drop of nether star:
    cancel event
    send "&cYou cannot drop this item!"

on inventory click:
  if item is nether star named "&6&lMain Menu":
    cancel event
    send "&cYou cannot move this item!" to player

discord: discord.gg/vnyKuAe

channel: Soviet Playah

MC Name: _Playah_

server: SpottyMC.Minehut.gg



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If you are already using skript to edit slots why not create the menus with skript?
CYOM has many bugs, limited features and looks unprofessional in my opinion.
If you are interested in using skript menus then i advise you to use the vanilla menus with the on inventory click event.

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