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Quick ChatControl

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Well, the plugin chat control is broken so here is this for you all to use!


    p: &8[&c!&8]&7
    msg: {@p} &cYou are not allowed to use that command!
    version: 0.0.1

on chat:
    if player does not have permission "staff.chc":
        if {mutechat} is set:
            cancel event
            send "{@p} You can not speak while chat is muted!"

command /chc [<text>]:
    permission: staff.chc
    permission message: {@msg}
        if arg-1 is "help":
            send "&3ChatControl Skript"
            send "&7Made by RichieNy"
            send "&b/chc help &7→ Shows this help page!"
            send "&b/chc mute &7→ Mutes the chat!"
            send "&b/chc clear &7→ Clears the chat!"
        if arg-1 is "mute":
            if {mutechat} is set:
                delete {mutechat}
                broadcast "{@p} Chat has been unmuted by &b%player%&7!"
                set {mutechat} to true
                broadcast "{@p} Chat has been muted by &b%player%&7!"
        if arg-1 is "clear":
            loop 100 times:
                broadcast " "
            broadcast "{@p} Chat has been cleared by &b%player%&7!"


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  • [MOD] RichieNy
  • Discord: @RichieNy#0002
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    • Minehut META
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