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Staff Application (Developer If Available) - WallyTube

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WallyTube's PlexPvP APPLICATION (For Developer Or Trainee.)

Personal Details:

Minecraft In-Game Name: WallyTube
Previous In-Game Names: TreeWhale, WallyDaWhale, OrangeNebula (And 24+ More Lost In History.) https://namemc.com/profile/WallyTube.2
Discord Name: WallyTube#9474
Age: 14 ( Brains Before Bronze Please 😉 )
Time zone: Chicago / Central America Time / UTC
Do you have access to a working microphone? (yes/no): Yes, If Necessary
Do you have the ability to record hackers?: Yes, If Gyazo Counts.
What languages do you speak (fluently)?: English, And Learning Spanish.

General Details:

Why did you decide to apply for staff on PlexPvP?: PlexPvP Was The First MH Server For Me (About 1 Year Ago). I Have Witnessed All My Peers Become Staff Before Me, And I've Applied Before, But Have Decided To Apply Again Because Of My Perseverance And Commitment To The Server. I Love The Community And Staff That Go Along With It. I Want To Help The Server Grow To The Top, And Help Defend It From Bots And Bad People In General. Minecraft Was Made To Be Not Only A Fun Game, But A Family-Friendly Safe Zone Where We Can All Share Our Enjoyment Together, And What Better Way To Keep It Like That Than To Become A Staff And Help Out The Community.
Why should we accept you over other applicants?: 

Skills: I find it very easy to learn new things. I'm always trying new techniques and overcoming challenges to the best of my ability, as well as learning from others and applying that knowledge to my own. Whether it's building my own server, or helping moderate another, I put all my effort into the goals of the server.

Research: I have been playing PlexPvP for about a year now, and have gone through 4 or 5 different seasons, learning as much as I can about the server and It's staff. I have applied in the past, but chose not to give up, because of my perseverance and dedication to being able to help the server. I have done projects with some of the developers, and have also learned new things in the MH discord from others. I have gotten to be a well known player with a lot of other dedicated players, and staff members, and also have learned alot about the current staff team itself (Without that sounding creepy.)

Maturity: I like to have fun at my job without bringing the fun into my job. When I'm focused and dedicated to my goal, I believe it should be executed with good quality and great attention. Without there being maturity, a player could be falsely accused and punished of doing something they didn't do, or without there being maturity, a line of code could break the server. I believe that this makes me a good staff with great staff qualities.

Experience: I have been on minecraft for years now. 3 years on xbox, and pe before coming over to pc/java In 2017. I have seen alot of staff in servers handle their job very effectively, efficiently, and professionally and I have always desired to be like staff too. It's one thing make something, but to me, it makes all the difference to see other people enjoying something I made. Multiplayer is a great place to bring my own ideas and touch to reality.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?: I have great understanding with coding, and other config/modding aspects of vanilla and plugin minecraft. I have taken the time to understand the depths of skript and the long extents of what it can do. I would say I'm okay at map making / building, and I have put the time into learning world edit and other building techniques. I'm good at helping people (this sounds very overdone), but when people ask for help, I try to make sure they understand to the fullest of my abilities. For weaknesses, I would say my ambitions might be a little dangerous, If I'm given a task I always try to give 110% of my effort, and that could be dangerous when looking for rule-breaking players. Everyone likes a community that can control the rule-breakers, but nobody should take pleasure in banning potential players. 

What moderation experience do you have? Explain what you learned from these experiences: I have created a bunch of my own servers, which some of them have gotten a wealthy amount of attention. I have also developed a server with Dannydino6, called MineEdge (it's old). I have worked on numerous small servers, and even a medium-sized community outside of minehut. All of these jobs have inspired me and taught me valuable elements to being a staff and moderator. I once did an experiment to see what type of server got the most attention. I made a very poor quality anarchy server and a high-quality Pacman simulator server and learned that, even though people like the anarchy server because they can make something of their own, more people like the high-quality server because of the extensive definition to detail. I use this knowledge from time to time to remind myself of what other people are counting on when I make something.

Have you ever been punished on Plex or any other Minecraft servers? If so, why were you punished and how did you learn from it? I have been punished for hacking. It would be silly for me to just say I learned my lesson, and moved on. You can't undo the past but you can always learn from it. I think the part I hated most was the feeling I had after being punished. Multiple people saw me less as a player and more as a cheater, and that feeling isn't something I'd want to revisit just to get slightly better at a game I could be good at by just trying, like everyone else. Needless to say, If I hacked again, or even as a staff, not only would it put a bad reputation on the staff for choosing me, but it would also worsen the trust the players have with their staff. I don't want either things to happen, so with that said, I'm not going to try to cheat ever again.

What are some hobbies, activities or achievements you have outside of Minecraft? I love to explore other games like Minecraft, but many have left me unpleased. Minecraft has this quality of allowing you to make your own thing, while many other games, like Fortnite, SlimeRancher, Or Apex keeps you following one line. I choose to be a creator, not a consumer, which is why I have low interest for servers like Hypixel or Mineplex (which I still do Idolize) and keeps me on minehut. Some achievements would be creating my own Css, Html Website, or creating my own aurduino liquid crystal display device. I have many enjoyable hobbies like art, music, and technology. I play a wide number of instruments and listen to spotify all the time while playing. I own Adobe Creative Cloud and am currently learning how to use After Effects, Premier Pro, and Illustrator from YouTube Videos. I have taken animation and minecraft classes in the past for summer camps and have learned a variety of different things from those camps.

Situational Questions:

If the server is being botted, what would you do? I would mute the chat before things get out of hand, and start banning suspects. Many times, however real people get confused with bots, and get banned for no reason. Bot's don't move, so I would check first to make sure they are standing at spawn. Next I would set the ban message to something like "Banned For: Bot (/msg WallyTube To Appeal)", because if they aren't a bot they would be able to read, and reply to the message. Now you may be thinking, "What if the bots do try to message me?". I could always message them a little "captcha" Question that bots aren't likely to answer.

When was a time you got into a disagreement with somebody? If you came to an agreement, how did you get there? If you didn't, why didn't you? WillyTube is by best friend for 2-3 years now, but often times, he disagrees with my commitment to making servers. He believes minecraft is for playing, not creating and doesn't find joy in making something of his own. I am quite the opposite. I like minecraft because of the things I can create and the wide variety of plugins and mods that help expand the game to new limits. I don't think there is an easy fix to changing someone's opinion, but I have learned to stay to my beliefs, and not try to change someone else's. It's only when disagreements turn into problems, is when they need to be solved.

Tell us about a mistake you made in the past. What did you learn from this mistake and how did you deal with it? I tried to apply for an rpg server I admired once, but the owner denied my application because of my age. I didn't like this because it shouldn't matter if your 13 or 16 to decide how well you can help a server. I questioned their opinion, and because of that not only did it get me banned but I lost an opportunity on a friend and a teacher. I learned from this time that I need to respect people's decisions, and not argue with someone if my application is rejected.

If a staff members account was hacked, what would you do? If I had the perms, I would kick them out of the role, so the hacker didn't have access to changing, or grieving, the server. Afterwards, I would report the issue to the staff and the owner of the account, making sure they are included on the actions I took. If I didn't have the permissions, I would contact any and every staff that does have the permissions, (AlwaysVape, DannyDino6, DependencyJr, Catscythe, TastqHalloween, Pndq) To resolve the conflict and conceal as much damage as possible.

Anything else you would like to tell us? I Would Like To Maybe See If There Are Any Developer Spots Open. I know that you guys have the 'trainee' role, but I would like to know if there is like a skript test / training before the developer role comes. If not, then I will just apply for trainee.

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22 minutes ago, NowUCeeMe said:

Solid application, however you were caught using a hacked client in game and for that you will most likely get denied.

Yes, I understand the costs, but I could have missed out on an opportunity of a lifetime If I were not to try.

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Hey! Thank you for applying for staff on PlexPvP! 

Sadly, I am going to have to deny your application due to the following reasons:

- History of cheating on plex (2 bans for cheating 3/17 and 12/27)

You may reapply next season, your application had a lot of detail but you will have to reapply next season. 

Discord: Pndq#2240
In Game: Pndq

Joined Minehut - 9/25/16

Minehut Support Member - 10/6/19

Support Team Disbanded - 2/14/20


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