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Season 3 Update

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- New concept

- Cell generators produce income while you stand inside a cell at spawn. You're able to upgrade the profits [per minute] made and your excavator.

- Log on the server every 24 hours to receive daily rewards. Ranked players will exclusively have bonuses to their rewards (VIP, MVP, MVP+).

- The ability to prestige at [every] level 1000. But, levels and tokens will be reset. Fortunately, enchants from [your] pickaxe, statistics, and cell upgrades shall be kept. 

- Vinixs has established our store to CraftingStore from Buycraft (Special note: 90% off sale for the first week of release)

- Tier 3 crate keys (able to open w/ orange shulker box in the cells). To get the tier 3 keys, you'll need the Excavator upgrade or buy them from the shop (/shop)

Staff applications are open!

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