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What is Survive The Night?

Survive The Night is Dead by Daylight re-imagined in Minecraft. 4 survivors have to uncurse 5 portal fragments before the Escape Portal has enough energy for the survivors to escape. After the portal fragments are uncursed, the survivors then have to uncorrupt the Escape Portal to escape. While doing all this, a mental killer is on the loose trying to kill them and stop them from escaping!

When will it be released?
Some time at the end of March.

Why should I play it?

All functionality on the server is through Skript. We will have multiple lobbies, so many people can play at the same time! Each match you play, you will earn Blood, this can be spent to get you better perks and items.

How do I play?

This section will be filled out once the server has been released.

This server is not released! This is just to tell people what they should expect.







  • Have been using Skript for around 2 years.
  • Have been using Command Blocks for 3 years. I've stopped using them now.
  • Been programming for 4.5 years total.
  • Been on Minehut since 2015
  • Made 3 AntiCheats, an Essentials substitute, and custom items all in Skript.
  • Full resume on my Minehut About Me page.

And here is a seizure. You are very much welcome 🙂


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