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  1. 14 y/o Blue Snowball ICE On almost everyday Never had a punishment Mature-ish My minecraft username is 6cw i am 14 y/o my discord name is R̔̔ͥȃͩ̚҉̪͜͡c͋̏̐҉̺͉͞cͤͯ̅҉̰͢͝#6666 MDT I enjoy helping people out I am loyal and very frequently on I have had mod on multiple other non minehut servers as well as minehut servers I was punished one time on minehut when i first joined, i did not know swearing was not allowed my strengths are that i have a lot of time that i can staff with my weakness is that i cannot use my mic sometimes my hobbies outside of minecraft are skateboarding and hanging out with my friends warn all at once, if they keep spamming i kick them and if they come back i will contact higher admin. mute 10 min, if they are still using racial slurs i will contact higher staff i would spectate to see if they are and i would contact higher staff to see if they are hacking. watch to see if they are if they are, ask if they are, if they say they are contact higher staff and kick contact McThistle or Xmuel Ask to stop, contact higher staff.
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