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  1. yeah, someone is trying to piss me off about it
  2. Would Skript be classed as a coding language?
  3. i dont experience any issues
  4. I honestly dont like the moderation team at minehut they just mute people for no reason i do like them but they just need to get trained properly.
  5. Hello! Can I apply for the Skripter Position?
  6. skNitro


    i mean it would be cool to have thatlol
  7. skNitro


    you do know that you can go to http://www.vivecraft.org/multiplayer/ and do it manually? with the new file manager
  8. skNitro

    custom map

    try unzipping the file and deleting your main world file that should work!
  9. so you see, this is why minehut will always be at the top
  10. If you believe the ban is false you can appeal by going to the minehut website then contacting support and they may help you there!
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