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  1. oh ya you are right I'll see if it will work with skQuery thank you again. It has no errors btw
  2. Nvm didn't work. I guess I will try something else with the grant skript but tysm for having the time :,)
  3. Welcome ;D Hope you won't regret your time here as we have a lot of skygens,pvp,survival,minigames,prison,roleplay servers
  4. First I did it without SkQuery addon. After I did it with it nothing worked. I have something on my mind im going to test and I'll tell you if my problem gets solved. Thank you for having the time and try to help me
  5. I don't really know. The skript has no errors but the commands don't work ;o
  6. Okay I will test somethings too. Btw with skquery the commands were working but I had not tuske shoulld I have both and see?
  7. Nope I test them on myself. Is it bcs I dont use essentials?
  8. oh btw the commands are not working do you know why?
  9. Omg thank you so much I'll try that with Tuske you are the best
  10. omg yay Tac might use my skript ^-^
  11. Hello I want to ask for help for a grant skript I am making. command /grant <player>: permission: grant.* permission message: "&cNo perms" trigger: open chest with 3 rows named "&c&l Grant " to player format slot 12 of player with paper named "&3&lRanks" to close then run [execute console command "/rank %arg-1%"] format slot 14 of player with paper named "&b&lPermissions" to close then run [execute console command "/permissions %arg-1%"] command /rank <player>:
  12. xX_Strqfe_Xx please tell me your errors because its working fine to me
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