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  1. Alright First Step! 1) Look up tutorials of basic skripting 2) download Notepad++ (https://notepad-plus-plus.org/downloads/) 3) Start a .sk file 4) Start skripting and try find out how to spawn an item / object in the air at a specific location 5) Set it as an item and there you have it done! OR 1) Find a skripter (Basically impossible these days (All they want is like $60000 just for a Hello Skript xD)) 2) Ask them to skript you the gens skript 3) CHECK IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TO SEE IF IT IS SAFE AND ITS NOT GOT A WAY TO OP SOMEONE!!!!!!!!!!!! 4) Test it out 5) If it works (ENJOY!) 6) If Not Then keep trying and see if he knows his stuff
  2. Hello EpicRayGunsOwO, I Would like to say that would be fun to play around with the players but this would also be unsafe for users as you could harm them. I'd like to say it again would be fun but unsafe also could probably get your server removed and you also off of the Minehut community. Kind Regards, Chris (Syllityy) Community Member | Game / Skript Developer | Student
  3. Syllityy

    Skript Addons

    SharpSK SkUtilites All of these could help servers make more skripts and make things a lot easier I will add more of Skript Plugins again...
  4. Well Have fun guys
  5. Gimme Some Suggestions & Feedback about the server!
  6. OFFICIAL APPROVED MODS Last Update: 12/28/18 | Interface This thread is going to list all the mods that are allowed and disallowed on the FadeCloud Network. We will not tolerate any player using the disallowed mods, and the appropriate punishment will be given. If you have any inquiries regarding this thread, please don't hesitate to message the staff team. | Allowed Mods Minimaps (Player and Entity Tracking must be disabled) Damage Indicators Replay Mod Better Sprinting Toggle Sprint (Toggle sneak included) Optifine Shaders Too Many Items Not Enough Items Status Effects Armor Status Coordinates Mods Mouse Tweaks Macros/Bots/Scripts (Not allowed in PvP, while killing mobs or mining) Inventory Tweaks (Not allowed with potions, Pot PvP or Soup PvP) Auto Fish (not allowed on Survival) LabyMod Tabby Chat 5Zig Fastcraft Potion HUD Chat Companion Gamma Brightness Console Client (not allowed in pvp, only afk) Batty's Mod World Download Old animations Schematica Printer (not allowed on skyblock2) | Disallowed Mods Nuker X-Ray (This includes X-Ray texture packs) Scenters Hacked Clients Forcefield Smart Moving Player Radars Tracers Autoswitch Ghost Clients Fly Cave Finder Cheating Essentials Chest Finder or Chest ESP Player ESP Better Inventory AutoClickers Double Clicking Fly Boosting (Avoid cosmic client version 2.0.2)
  7. OFFICIAL FORUM RULES Last Update: 12/10/19 | General Rules Alternative accounts are prohibited. You are only allowed one account per IP. Respect all players. This rule applies all over the FadeCloud Network. This means you may NOT disrespect anyone through messages, through posts or even through ratings. Blackmailing, bullying or threatening other players in any way is prohibited. We are not responsible for your personal information, please be careful with what you post. | Chat Rules You are limited to one language on the forums, English. However, you may use other languages in private messages only. Profanity is strongly discouraged but is allowed to a minimum. Advertising other servers, websites, youtube channels is not allowed. Selling other products on the network is prohibited. All forum posts/threads must be at least 5 words long and equivalent to a legitimate sentence. Staff are exempt from this rule. Racism, personal threats, or other forms of hate speech are strictly prohibited. Some of may include nudity, pornography, images, graphics, and racist names. Chat related rules apply throughout the entire forums. Meaning you may not break them publicly or privately. | Content Rules All content must be posted in the correct forums section. If not, your thread might be deleted or moved. Reviving dead threads (from 1+ months ago) is prohibited. Encouraging rule breaking or exploiting is not allowed. Showing the community how to hack, dupe, exploit, etc. Plagiarism is strongly prohibited. No offensive comments or images in the forums signature. Initiating, encouraging or contributing to server drama discussions is strictly prohibited. Your thread will result in being locked. Furthermore, continuous of the threads will result in a permanent ban. Threads or content that is deemed inappropriate will be removed. Threads created for the sole purpose of offending, trolling, hurting or disrespecting staff or players will result in it being locked and removed from public view. You will also be banned in-game and on the forums. Posting twice in a row is prohibited. You can use the edit button to fix or add on to your post. | Punishments Depending on the rule broken, you will be warned then temp muted. Constant rule breaking will result in a permanent ban. | Forum names If the account with the wanted username has been inactive for 2 years + you can request to get it. | Forum banned? Well Sorry, Your a Gonner...
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