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  1. What is your In Game Name? - Hackberry Why do you want to apply (Atleast 50 words!) - I wish to apply, because at the current moment there seems to be a noticeable lack of gameplay in terms of pickaxes, swords, in general just shopkeepers. I want to apply so that I could help make these shopkeepers and improve the gameplay in-game, but wouldn't really want to touch the aspects of coding and such. What staff position are you applying for? - Since I am unaware of the chain of command in the server, I want to apply for any position which specifically helps with the production of shopkeepers. Have you had any staff experience before? -Yes, on VoteTeam. How old are you? - I'd rather not say. What are your strengths (Atleast 3)? - Typing, moderation(?), making shopkeepers. (I may go offline so that I could get an item that goes over the max enchantment level.) What are your weaknesses? - Lack of motivation, lack of time, lack of coding knowledge Where are you from? - UK - England. How active can you be? - How active can the server be? Have you bought anything from the store? - No.
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