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  1. If you don't have any progress, I'd recommend resetting the world/server. You can do this by heading to the world settings/danger zone.
  2. I've been playing Minehut for nearly 4 years, and have met many different people over that time. I don't know you to well, but you seem like a really cool person. Congratulations on your first year as a Minehut Moderator.
  3. This is an error usually presented when a cracked user tries to join a premium server. There is not much you can do besides purchasing a premium account at https://www.minecraft.net
  4. That's a good start, but to completely disable animals you should go into the bukkit.yml file in your File Manager, from there you can set the amount of mobs allowed to spawn. To prevent all mobs from spawning, change all the values that involve mob spawn limits to 0. For more information, head on over to this website.
  5. You can use the Multiverse Core, and Multiverse Portals plugins to accomplish this. For more information, check out this tutorial.
  6. You may be experiencing this error for a multitude of reasons, just keep trying to connect to your server and it should eventually work. However, I would recommend joining the server minehut.com and using the in-game /join command. If you continue to have issues, contact support at https://minehut.com/support.
  7. To fully delete your server, contact support at https://minehut.com/support and ask them to delete your server. Make sure you supply them with the name of the server you want to delete, or else it will make the process longer than it needs to be.
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