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  1. We don’t talk about Pixelific.
  2. He was being sarcastic.
  3. I have been playing for about five years and I do not remember you.
  4. I recommend you contact support by clicking here.
  5. I'd be happy were the limit raised to 18 plugins.
  6. You may be over the new limit of 12 plugins. In this scenario, you will need to either get a server plan or remove some plugins.
  7. This system seems like it’s designed to keep us down.
  8. Dadrien

    Server Destroyed

    Your server may have been unlisted but not whitelisted which would allow someone to log in and destroy all your stuff. In the future, whitelist your server and download the plugin CoreProtect which will allow you to log and revert griefing. More info can be found on how to whitelist your server here.
  9. Dadrien

    300 Credits Lost

    Contact support here.
  10. There is no way to restore your progress. In the future you should download the plugin CoreProtect which will allow you to revert changes made to your server.
  11. Dadrien

    Server rollback?

    Unfortunuately, there is no way to recover your lost progress. In the future, you should download the plugin CoreProtect which allows you to rollback your server (e.g: blocks and chests).
  12. Yes, you will still be able to join your server using the /join command in the lobby.
  13. You were most likely mistaken for being a chat spam bot. You can appeal your punishment here.
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