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  1. try changing TuSKe 1.8.2 to TuSKe 1.9.1 Click me for TuSKe 1.9.1 or try adding 'unstealable' at the end of your skript example: format gui slot 0 of player with diamond sword named "Tester" to be unstealable
  2. thx for the folo man

  3. hmmm...... sus
  4. ImNoLongerOnline


    ngl Minehut Plugins Request is useless since UNLEASHED
  5. Minehut Unleashed you can add WHATEVER plugin u want man in the plugins file
  6. put some water on your head to get some refresh
  7. that would be a longgggg skript yo
  8. minehut was on a leash this WHOLE TIME by whOME?? TRENT??? Deeph Erik??? or maybe......... Super League?????? duN DuN DUN!!!
  9. there you go first thing nerds say.... "im not a nerd "
  10. rank better if your server aint gonna come out
  11. just supported your answer (nerd....)
  12. ok I- I D- Doesnt K - Kill
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