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Cole, a.k.a Vaporate

Hello. I'm a minehut moderator, I live in New Zealand and used to play CS:GO at a high level (top 200) with ambitions of joining the team Renegades, I now just play for fun and with my friends. Recently I've been enjoying League of Legends and currently am one tricking Arhi I enjoy the genre of music retrowave/synthwave

See below for my staff experiences and computer specifications!

Computer Specifications

GPU  » RTX2080 

CPU » i7 7700k

RAM » 32gb

STORAGE » 4tb, 255 mb ssd 

Previous Staff Experiences

HCRiots » Senior Administrator, Applications

ArsenicPVP » Administrator, Reports

HCLeagues » Senior Moderator, Reports

Skylords (FaithfulMC Network) » Moderator, In-game support

FaithfulMC » Helper, In-game support



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