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  1. you can always consider skripting troll commands!
  2. I use CrazyCrates and it works, hop on 1.8 sir
  3. First of all it is 1.14 not 14 and second of all there's gonna be an announcement when it updates. Cheers
  4. So I recently coded a simple skript for shortening pex commands. On most skripts like that there should only be /rank. Here I got changing users/groups suffixes/prefixes, creating ranks, adding ranks to players, removing ranks from players. You don't need any addons. But of course you need PermissionEX. - createrank (also not to users, TO PEX)- deleterank (this is not from users, this is from PEX)- rankprefix- ranksuffix- userprefix- usersuffix and much more... I won't update this post, for updated versions here's the spigot link: PEXSimplify.sk
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