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  1. So I just started my server normally. But i spawned in a different location than the last time I left. I noticed that all of my builds that i built 10-20 hours ago were gone. And I also have proof that it wasn't a grief https://snaptube.cam/ https://9apps.cam/. So yesterday my friend had my 6 iron blocks. He gave them back to me and i put them in my ender chest. So there is no way he could've taken them again. So my server went back in time somehow.
  2. So I want to start a vanilla survival server for me and a couple of friends and I am willing to pay for one, but I was told by a friend that I should use Minehut because it does everything the paid server would do for free. This sounds really good but i'd imagine that there are atleast some downsides to using a free server vs a paid one https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/. One of the big things I want for the server is for it to be up all the time so that I wouldn't have to start it up when my friends want to play when I'm not online. If anyone could tell me some downsides or upsides to a Minehut server or a paid server it would be very much appreciated. Also the paid server hosting service I'm looking at is Apex because of the convenience but I am willing to change if anyone has suggestions, thanks in advance.
  3. Currently trying to put some of the https://showbox.tools/ datapacks into my minehut server. I need help on how to do it. If its not possible can the Minehut devs put each individual datapack into the catalog? Thank you.
  4. Hey, I'm Orochimaru. I'm fairly new to the Minehut forums, I joined the discord yesterday but I've been playing on the server for a long time. I'm most often found on KitPvp servers as I like the fast pace pvp aspect. I have a hamster pet https://speedtest.vet/ https://vidmate.bid/ . I can Skript and Build pretty well. and yeah, that's me.
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