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  1. I tried to test it but both free hosts I found don't have Skript/SkStuff in their plugins
  2. As I saw in the SkUnity forums (The most reliable skript forum exists in my opinion) Whenever someone had issues with pathfind (and had SkQuery/MiSK/SkBee) they told him to get SkStuff Edit: I will try it on another host to confirm it works anyways
  3. I tried it. Pathfinding won't work with SkBee, SkQuery and MiSK
  4. The skript addon is Skstuff Link (GitHub)https://github.com/Govindass/SkStuff/releases The addon gives the "pathfinding" option to skript that allows to create custom mobs/pets and I think it can be extremely helpful for certain servers.
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