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  1. I need a skript so when you kill a player it adds to the attackers (the one who won the fight) variable. I want it to add 1 to the variable {%player%.kills}
  2. I need help so where you kill a player its adds to a variable. I want it to add 1 to the variable {%player%.kills} variable = {%player%.kills} please help!
  3. Ok guys, I have finally made a skript for a scoreboard! It is supported with placeholder API placeholders. This includes such as %vault_eco_balance_formatted% ect! This skript is all made by me Zaukey and I hope you guys enjoys this scoreboard. By default it is every 10 seconds it updates the info but it is customisable. If you mess up the skript come ask me problems on how to fix it im free to help! (or join the discord server) This scoreboard is ideal for prison servers, skymines and skyblock! You may use it for a pvp server e.g. Pit PvP. REQUIRES: Skript, SkRayfall and SkQuery Commands: /Zauboard reload or /sk reload zauboard! PLEASE MAY I NOTE PLEASE KEEP THE SKRIPT FILE NAME zauboard.sk AS ERRORS OCCOUR! This is things like /zauboard reload not working because it has to reload the skript file only named zauboard.sk! IF ANYONE KNOWS A WAY TO MAKE ALL NAMED SKRIPT FILES WORK WITH /zauboard reload PLEASE LET ME KNOW! Discord:https://discord.gg/SqP9jrWqbn zauboard.sk
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